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Club President Ron Poidomani was interviewed on the Modeler's Life Podcast. You can catch the interview at A Modeler's Life

It is part of the Springfield Report Part Three, that aired on March 12, 2024.

You can see the videos of Patrick's module that Ron saved and discusses in his interview on his youtube channel, New Haven Rails.

Ron being interviewed


Jeff's winning module



Each of our members has a at least one four foot long module, and some members have several. The modules connect together to make layouts of different sizes several times a year. We have a membership meeting almost every month to discuss club news, events and socialize.

Perfect for anyone with limited space or time. Some of our members have a layout at home, some don’t. Needing only four feet of space a module can fit into an apartment, condo or almost anywhere. Many members don’t have the time a full layout takes, but by modeling in four feet they can build a detailed and complete mini layout.

We welcome all eras and locations. Valley HO Trak doesn’t limit you to a specific place or time, each member can decide what interests them. We have modules that are set in the 1940’s and others that are contemporary. Some modules portray a city, others the country. Some members run steam trains, others modern container cars. Long ago the club decided that each member can follow their own path and interests, and it’s all model railroading.

Valley HO Trak welcomes all skill levels. Some club members are artists in building structures and have had their work published in national magazines and won national contests. Others can install DCC decoders and do electronics. Others can’t be beat tuning up an engine or rolling stock, but no particular skill level is required to be a member. One goal of the club is to help each member improve their skills and share knowledge. At some meetings we have clinics highlighting different modeling skills. We all gain through sharing common interests and interacting with people who have become our friends.

On Thanksgiving weekend in 1987, three model railroaders built HO modules and brought them to a train show that was sponsored by a local church and Valley NTrak. A full day of switching on these three modules attracted fifteen more modelers to join the original three and form a new modular .........More...

Upcoming Shows

April 7, 2024 Sunday 9AM-2PM (We think)(Note: Set clocks back Saturday night!)
Warsaw Park
119 Pulaski Hwy, Ansonia, CT

Newtown, CT
Newtown Community Center
8 Simpson St, Newtown, CT

November 10, 2024 Sunday 10AM-4PM
777 Hartford Tnpk
Vernon, CT

Jan 25 & 26, 2025
Amherst Railroad Model Show
The Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds
1305 Memorial Avenue
West Springfield MA