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Club Cars

Valley HO Trak is introducing a line a very limited edition club cars. The first was a boxcar with the club logo and the second was a hopper lettered for the New Haven Trap Rock Company. We followed that with a reefer and the latest is another New Haven Trap Rock hopper. In the past all have sold out very fast.

Our cars are produced by Accurail and are shown below:

For additional information please contact us at

Our newest hopper is modeled on the later version of the New Haven Trap Rock Company Reefer:

Our prior car was a reefer for Naugatuck Brand Fine Meats and Provisions:

The detail on the printing is amazing:

Earlier we did a prior version of the New Haven Trap Rock Company Hopper"

Some pictures of completed club cars on Rick A's layout.

A beautiful example of an assembled club car with custom grab irons and a custom load.

A "stock" club car:

The real thing: